Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Funday :)

 I do believe this Anita's Arrowhead top is done.  I was planning to add another row but only have four more blocks ready to go and am out of the fabric so I think this one is done and will make a great Christmas Lap Quilt.  Whoot, whoot.
Today I mostly cut and sewed, cut and sewed bow ties.  Still trying not to duplicate though I am sure there are at least a few that got by me!

 This purple and green block was June's which went with the thrift sale stuff.  I rescued it and ripped it apart so I could use the squares in my bow ties (desperate for DIFFERENT fabrics, lol!) So now you can see it in the bow ties!
Kathy's niece Megan came over and had her first sewing lesson.  She took right to it and after a quick sample started sewing charm squares into a quilt top.  

 I kept sewing away on my bow ties...I almost have enough now for another row!

 After a few hours (and a bbq ribs, and Marge's potato salad plus corn on the cob dinner) this is what she made!  She will be back to add to it and learn how to finish it.  About two years ago I taught Megan how to knit and she had made several afghans and scarves and really took off with it.  She said she is definitely ready for a new hobby...or at least some variation!
It was another relaxing day of sewing and just hanging out and gabbing.  I now need to go work on some Spanish for a class I am doing.  Not the easiest class I have ever undertaken, but I like a challenge and I am trying to call back the Spanish I took like 28 years ago..hahahha!  

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Amy said...

I'll ditto your "Whoot-whoot!" EXCELLENT sounding Sunday; glad to see another quilter-in-the-making. Great start Megan!!!

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