Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sewing Day with Becky :)

 Becky and I went to the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild Meeting today and then we sewed away the late afternoon and evening!  First I worked on clue three for my QOV is is along with bonus hsts.
 Becky kindly offered to help me get my quarter inch right on my featherweight.  I think I am set now, thanks Becky!  Becky finished up her Anita's Arrowhead blocks and I managed to snag a picture of them, but not a picture of her Auntie's Anvil which she quilted and half bound!

 Kathy eventually joined us to do her mystery clue.
 Here is hers.  She is still working on the bonus hsts.
Meanwhile the reason I needed help with my quarter inch seam was these pesky blocks.  Do you remember Smith Mountain Morning?  I know, it has been a LONG time!  I think I put these away last fall when I started doing Orca/Green Bay because two complicated Bonnie projects at a time is too much for me.  And because I had discovered that my seam wasn't great and with these log cabinish blocks that is REALLY important.  Becky and I looking things over and came up with a plan of action and it seems to have worked. The picture above is the stack of blocks which are waiting for the last two blue logs and cornerstones to be added to them.  The logs are now together and the next picture is the four blocks that are done.  

 They will be set with another block alternating so this isn't how it will look.  This is one of my UFO's and I am trying to get a jump on it before its number comes up because there is still alot of work to be done on it.  This was supposed to be for Randy but since he got Orca/Green Bay, Coleman will be getting this one.  Would be nice to have it done in time for his birthday in December.
Randy gave DJ her quilt today but I haven't heard if she likes it or anything.  Hope it brightened her day anyway.


Unknown said...

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Amy said...

Again....I wish wish wish we were closer. Your sewing "hangout" days sound so amazing with friends.
Wonderful progress on everything. Still tickled that Kathy has joined in on the mystery too :)

scraphappy said...

You can get SMM finished for December. It is an amazing quilt. So worth all the seam allowance issues.

Roslyn said...

I like the Smith Mountain Morning blocks, but I don't have any brown!

Edith said...

These Blue/Brown blocks are just so rich looking.