Thursday, July 12, 2012

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild and More

Alyssa used the picture above to create a color scheme for our new icon for the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild. She is so talented!  This is what she came up with when she combined the two choices she had originally created.  Very clever to have a patchwork cactus and I love the colors so much they might inspire me to make a quilt!  So excited for this group to get off the ground and looking forward to some more MODERN quilting!

 And in case you wanted to see something quilty....Ros finished quilting Kathy's Mystery quilt.  This one is for her dad who is getting up in years and can use a new lap quilt.

The color is off in this first photo, but below is more the true color.  Most of this fabric came from June's stash too!  Thanks June!

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