Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday in the Sewing Room!

 I sewed A LOT today.  I have been watching "Downton Abbey" on Hulu and just sewing away.  First I put together the Anita's Arrowhead blocks I already had done...thought this would help motivate me to complete the remaining blocks.  Then I made two surgical caps for my brother Sam.  These are my Christmas Through the Year project for July.  The first one is Diamondbacks fabric.
 The second one is Packer fabric.  He already has a Packer one, but one can never have too many Packer caps!
 I also sewed another row of blocks (plus two) and added the row.  Two rows to go, but I think I am short a few blocks so may be one more row on this one.  We shall see.
 Randy came home from work and we took a quick break and went out (after a major downpour yay!) and hit the thrift stores.  For fifty cents I got this fabric and I already cut them for bow ties and made another block with most of them.  I also got lots of yarn for Megan since she is a knitting fool, like me!


Sisbabestitches said...

Love the caps, such practical idea, yet fun too! well done on getting Christmas pressies doen so early this month!

Amy said...

Amazing heavenly day! The best picture/project hands down: THE PACKER surgical hat! Awesome!!! :D

Great 50cent find; and way to tear into those fabs right away.

Cheryl said...

Those caps are WONDERFUL!!! Love the quilt too..great job!