Monday, July 30, 2012

Smith Mountain Morning Moves Along :)

 Had a short work day today (was thinking I was going to Deaf Expo in Vegas but plans changed and I stayed home) so I got to sewing when I got home.  I started out with the centers of the blue stars.  Had to trim a bit of width off them but otherwise they went together well  I trimmed the rest of the points and made the tops and bottoms and viola, 16 blue stars are made.
 I had to lay them out with a few of the logs..didn't look at Bonnie's actual layout to see if I was copying since I only have one brown star done, but just wanted a feel of what it would look like.
So I have 15 brown stars to go (all the parts are made but points need trimming) and then this top will quickly be coming together.  I don't suppose I will get lucky and Judy will pull this one for the UFO for August.  That would just be peachy!  
Kathy worked on more red, white and black bits from Night and Day too.  Then after Packer Waffles for dinner we did some serious fast forwarding through the opening ceremony of the Olympics and through the events we wanted to see.  I am all caught up now :) 


Roslyn said...

I LOVE this quilt guess I will have to buy some browns & make myself one!

scraphappy said...

Great progress on this one. Even if it isn't the "official" UFO, I am sure you could edit the list and not get in too much trouble with the quilt police.