Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quilt of Valor Mystery--Star Path Clue Two Done

We decided to paint my A to match the bookcase.  I love it.  It is already hanging in my quilting studio!  

 We watched five hours of "Quest for the Bay" a PBS show on Hulu after some dud movies.  I then came up and put in the first season of Downton Abbey and whipped up clue two for the Quilt of Valor mystery I am doing.  It was an easy clue and Star Path is on its way.
My friend Becky sent me a picture (and I borrow this one from her facebook) because in addition to the little quilt hanging she made here last weekend she whipped up an Auntie's Anvil!  It looks great and I had to add the picture of mine so I could see them side by side.
 Looks like hers is bigger which puts a cool design in it like a big star.  Becky is so talented!  She said she might make another small one so I might have to dig that pattern out and do it too!
 Oh while watching five hours of PBS I knitted up this entire dishcloth.  It isn't done in this picture, but it is now.  I was happy to hear via facebook that my daughter was also knitting a dishcloth in Wisconsin.  Love it!

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Amy said...

Knitting across the states; HOW FUN! :)
Way to stay up with Star Path; yes, it was a fast and easy clue.
Enjoy your weekend! Any big plans?