Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some Miscellaneous Sewing!

 I made another bow tie block (and cut a bunch more too) and then sewed the row together and added it to my top.  Unfortunately my featherweight has a smaller seam and so my row was a bit longer.  I eased to fit with lots of pinning but think I may have to take the row apart and do some block trimming before I put it back together.  Sheesh, I will never quite get that down.

 I was in a puttering mood so I sewed my pinwheels together in the colors of the rainbow.  These will eventually become the border on Jack in the Box.  I did some organizing of leftover bits and pieces and sewed this together leftover from about six years ago when Kathy and I made a Jewel Box quilt in a mystery.    It is likely to get made into a dog quilt or dog bed.
Kathy decided to join in on the fun of the mystery I am making online.  She needed fabric so we went with the leftover line that I have made two different quilts out of.  I prefer these fabrics to what I went with...mine is a QOV and hers we aren't sure yet but the colors are right.  She has already sewed up clue two and is caught up for tomorrow's clue!



scraphappy said...

That darn quarter inch--so pesky. Glad you are injoying your feather weight though. Rainbow quilt is looking great.

Amy said...

Yay Kathy!!!!!! And you bet--those colors are right. LOVELY.
And yay you with all your tinkering. Impressive size to your Cheddar bowtie already; how large do you plan to go?