Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July is sharing this and other quilts sent in by Ros after quilting.  Do you recognize this one?  I made it from Amy's Passions blocks awhile back, so it is still travelling to its final home.  Hope the veteran who gets it loves it!
I really need to pick a pattern and commit to at least starting another one today!  I read on someone's blog they always do their test blocks in red, white and blue because they add up to a quilt of valor eventually.  Great idea but I don't do test blocks too often (that's just how I roll).  Still, I am going to pick a pattern and just start another one.  Unless of course I can talk Amy into doing another BOM...if she doesn't want to then I suppose I could look around for one that works too.  LOL Amy?



Amy said...

LOL right back at'cha Andee :)
And yup! I recognized it right away! The Florida block gave it away; it's not a common block you see anymore. about if we both commit to a QOV mystery just starting? Only the fabric selection step has been posted and I have only let it cross my mind; not really settle yet. BUT, I'm game if you are! ( I think you are a member of this group?? Otherwise, JOIN in ! :)
{{The remaining tentative dates for this mystery are:
June 29: Fabric Requirements
July 6: Clue 1
July 13: Clue 2
July 20: Clue 3
July 27: Clue 4
August 3: Clue 5}}

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Beautiful!! It is so soft and soothing!!! You both did a great job - Thanks for covering our Military!!!

scraphappy said...

I remember those blocks! So fun to see another set turning into a quilt. I think you and Amy should tag team on a BOM, you could each post one each month, or take turns by week. At the end of the year we'd have a bunch of QOVs. Great looking quilt, so glad you got it done!