Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quilty Plans for 2013

I have been thinking about what quilty plans I will have for 2013.  I enjoyed 2012 and participated in Another Year of Schnibbles (until the end anyways) you can see how that went here and in the Year of Small Quilts Challenge put out by Sentimental Quilter.  I enjoyed that and am still working on the handsewn hexi doll quilt.  I will peek at her choices and try to fit in a few of them this making little quilts but am running out of places to put them or gift them! 

I participated in Angela's SoScrappy Rainbow BOM challenge and am still in the process of making Jack in the Box for it.  I haven't seen the 2013 button yet but I will continue to do that quilt til I have enough blocks for a top.  I may just try to make one or two more blocks of each color as they come around this year.  I also want to add another block to make it more fun (or two, lol) so far I am thinking about doing the scrappy star block or maybe even Bonnie Hunter's Talkin' Turkey block! 

I did do the UFO challenge even though I barely had enough UFO's to qualify!  I did most of can see the progress of that on my  UFO's page.  I didn't quite get to a few of them but they aren't pressing.  I might be able to come up with 12 more UFO's if I count all my works in progress, but I am a finisher so they will get done. 
NewUFO Challenge information in case you want in too!  Most of the time I do start something new in a month anyways, so this seems like an easy challnge, but I enjoy having sewing goals so this is a no brainer! 
I LOVE Mystery Quilts and am doing one on New Year's Eve with Kathy as we do every year.  It is one of my favorite sewing days!  I see there is another oneat Patchwork Planet on New Year's Day and it is a modern I may just have to jump on that..though I work half a day I am sure I can get a good start on it before work if I am so inclined or save it for the weekend!
Are you joining any fun quilty activities that I have overlooked?  Tell me, tell me if you are.  Well back to work, break is about over but as always I am thinking about quilting if I am not quilting! 


Teresa in Music City said...

Love the way your Jack in the Box blocks are looking! I'm still undecided about my block for the 2013 Rainbow challenge, but I'm looking forward to it! I really enjoyed my little pineapples this year.

Have a wonderful New Year!

scraphappy said...

I have been pondering a button for next year --it will be first on my list when I get back home. Talking Turkey would be awesome in rainbow colors. I was also pondering the giant string geese Bonnie was making recently. Whichever block you chose, I am glad you are in for next year!

Sarah said...

I wish I liked *making* string blocks more because I really like Bonnie's talking turkey blocks. They would make a great scrap/rainbow quilt!


OMG I like the idea of the scrappy triangles other than just flying geese. Just love. Right I am doing the flying geese scrappy like or similar to Bonnie's antique quilt. I like your blog