Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hand Sewn Hexies, Pillowcases and Labels!

 Cut and sewed this pair of pillowcases for me and Kathy today.  The pillowcases are matching, but the fabrics are different on each side, kind of cool.  They are already in use on the bed.
 I went to Kathy's (sewing buddy) house today (see her in the back corner) and sewed with her and Barb (left) and Becky (right).  We had Bonnie on the QuitlCam while she was on which was hoots of fun!  Since Becky and I were done with our Easy Street Clue three I worked on Tobacco Road pinwheels with a few spools thrown in for good measure and Becky worked on a Christmas skirt for her daughter and some lounge pants for both her kids.  Kathy was working on cutting and finished up her clue three.  I was tickled to see she had some of the same connecting threads aqua with little circles in it as I did.  Barb was working on a customer quilt and hasn't started Easy Street, but she needed lots of space to work, so eventually took to learning how to use Becky's knitting hoop thingy.  I have a few of them with hats started (by DJ) that I need to finish up.  Next time we get together I think I will bring them.  Becky is a great teacher of those kinds of things!  Barb caught on in no time and was YouTubing other patterns it could be used with.
 I came home and hand sewed four labels on the Christmas present quilts, so they are all set to go!

 I also hand sewed up the flower from last week (I never got to it during the Packer game because I was upstairs doing other stuff and spaced it!).
 Not sure why my pictures are kind of cut off, but you get the idea.  I finished hand sewing the last hexi flower--finally!  Now apparently I need to hand sew them down to the brown squares.  May still be working on this next football season!
 Today is my oldest son's birthday!  Coleman is 26 which seems impossible to me.  I am not that old, lol.  Here he is being silly and not showing me his face with his bday/Christmas quilt.  It is the bonus Night and Day quilt.  He likes it, yay!  Happy Birthday Coleman, I love you!


Quilter Kathy said...

You have been working hard and accomplishing a lot! Must feel great to be sewing on all those labels to finished quilts!
Such adorable hexies :) Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

Roslyn said...

You must have had lots left from the original quilt, it turned out great Andee.

Sarah said...

How lucky you can quilt with friends *and* watch quilt cam at the same time!! Your hexies look great - thanks from bringing them to HeLP! Since your post was from December, I hope you have some of them stitched to the brown squares now...