Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bonnie Sewing Day!

 I had a bit of a migraine this morning and into the afternoon so I got a really slow start sewing, but I did cut and sew two Moth in a Window blocks...which Bug is kindly posing on.  I now have eighteen made.
 Kathy caught up on her Easy Street Mystery--clue six is all cut and ready for the next clue!
 I then decided to go ahead and get going on the Rainbow BOM Challenge...Angela said January's color is pink, I had already done red before deciding this would be good in the rainbow...and today I did the pink.  I also prepped up a bunch of the white and off white parts for future months and while I was at it I cut more for the Jack in the Box blocks too.  I plan to go ahead and make two more of each color so at the end of this year I will have enough for a quilt.  The turkey blocks are large so twelve of them might be enough for a lap quilt.


Dee said...

I really like the Turkey blocks! I'm itching to do those myself! So many quilts, so little time! Bug is adorable!!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Oh yes, that is going to look lovely in a rainbow!

Amy said...

:) A sewing day without Bonnie is not a real sewing day.

Everything is looking amazing. I need to find some motivation juice today!

scraphappy said...

Great pink block. I like the way your mind works - hope you feel better after a little sewing therapy.