Thursday, December 20, 2012

Picnic Blocks on the Wall!

 Kathy and I finally committed to the mystery for NYE and my fabrics are above and Kathy's below.  We decided that these will be for her nieces' twins who are now about six.  We made them baby quilts way back when but on Kathy's recent trip to Mass. she was reminded that they need bigger quilts.  Jordan will get the one above and her brother will get the one below.  We spent this evening cutting up the fabric, labeling the clues and getting ready for the pre-sewing.  Barb was on Skype with us most of the time we were working on the mystery.  She was sewing a customer quilt and pillow.
 We made minestrone soup for dinner, it was delicious!
 I finished up the blocks for Picnic from Scrap Basket Sensations and spent some time rearranging them.  Not sure which of these was first or which is last but here are a few of the options.  I will be sewing them up tomorrow!

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