Friday, December 21, 2012

PHXMQG Holiday Party

 Last Saturday was the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild's Holiday Potluck Party.  We had 23 people turn up and I am finally learning names!  My camera was still overexposing so pics aren't great but here you go.
 These are the two quilts I brought to share.  I had already shared the small one, but brought it again since Alyssa was taking pictures for our blog and I give away my quilts so fast I didn't have anything really modern here!  That was in part why I got on making I have something to share!
 Here again are the donation blocks for Hurricane Sandy.  I mailed them out on Monday, I hope they find their way into a few quilts and to those who need them.
 We had a fabric swap (I didn't participate because I was supposed to be in Wisconsin for Hannah's graduation but the plans changed) but here are the fabrics everyone left with--either the first stack or the second stack.

Tonight Kathy and I watch was okay but Dreamgirls was better!  We cut out the Easy Street Clue 5 but I didn't take a picture of it..haven't started sewing it yet.  I did sew a few more of my hst pages for the NYE Mystery too...oh and I sewed a backing for Picnic and didn't take a picture of that either.  Heading to bed a little early for me because I am getting up early...Becky is picking me up and we are hitting the Market on the Move (produce cheap) and then I will be sewing at her place.  I packed up all kinds of stuff--so should be a good sewing day tomorrow!

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