Sunday, December 2, 2012

Binding Marathon!

Today Kathy and I met up with my mom and dad for the Tempe Arts and Crafts Fair.  We shopped and walked and got a great philly cheese steak sandwich at Corleones.  We were exhausted  by the time we left but very excited to get home and sew.  We put in Walk the Line and then The Green Mile and got busy.  I put the bindings on ALL SIX of the quilts I got back from Joanne.  YAY...several of them are Christmas gifts so I am really glad to cross them off my to do list.  I won't mention that none of them has a label yet, UGH.  So that is still on the list.  Tomorrow I will take pictures of them outside so you can see them all, but here they are getting bound.  
The first one is Hannah's Christmas Quilt (Anita's Arrowhead) and I forgot to machine bind to the BACK so I could machine bind it on the front, but I made it work anyways!  
 The second one is actually Kathy's most recent mystery.  This one may be for my good friend Jill (who was Coleman's father's girlfriend at the time he and I met--he has been out of my life for 25 years, she has remained close to my heart always..funny how things work out!)  or it might be for my cousin Tricia and her hubby Bob for their ten year anniversary.  At the time they married I wasn't big into quilting, so she is my only married cousin that doesn't have one of my quilts.
 This is was number three.
 I think this one was called Dimestore Schnibbles (I should check but I am in bed on the laptop--yep it is checked google!).  Not sure who is getting this one yet, but it will find a home.
 Number four is made of Mary Englebreit fabric.  Love this one!  It is also a Schnibbles--Leap Year.  I haven't been doing the Schnibbles the last few months.  Just have had too much else to do but I see pincushions are the next challenge and they make good gifts so I may try to squeeze that in somewhere this month.
 Leap Year.  Not sure who will get this one, I really love the fabrics, but I sure don't need to keep it.
 Number five is Coleman's 26th birthday quilt (coming up on Dec. 9th!) and this was made from leftover bits of Night and Day by Eleanor Burns.  Really happy with this one.
 And last but not least in the binding marathon was my quilt history quilt from 2010.  I am quite happy with this now that it is done...debating on this one for my cousin Trisha and her hubby Bob too.  My mom says she likes Americana so this quilt might fit the bill better than the one farther up.
Tomorrow, in addition to quilt photos in the sunshine, I plan to pull out all the "can be gifted" quilts and see what should go where and make the final decisions on these that I am on the fence on!  So very happy Joanne was able to quilt these up and get them back to me so I can get them out the door.  
In other sewing news...Kathy cut both our clue two rectangles that Bonnie told us about for a future clue and then she (and later I) cut some strips and squares for more Moth in the Window blocks.  I have been cutting them as I go and now we kitted some up to speed that project along!  I did sew up one spool block and cut up several more from leftover bits from making the bindings.  I have a great habit of making the binding when I do the backing but somehow with these six I had only made binding ahead of time for TWO of them!  I do have  a leftover binding drawer and I used a few from there and had to make a few too.  
Bonnie will be on QuiltCam tomorrow so I will be sewing up Moth in a Window blocks while listening to her!  Hope you have had some time to sew too!

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scraphappy said...

Wooohooo! What a lot of work that stack of bound quilts represents. Congratulations on getting them all done! What fun to look at so many finished projects and think about what is next.