Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE 2012 A Mystery in Pictures!

NYE 2012 for Jordan
Kathy's NYE 2012 for Jonathan
Kathy and I both finished our entire tops with a bit of unsewing (shhh, we aren't mentioning that!) and resewing.  We think the six year old twins Jordan and Jonathan are going to love these quilts when they get them!  These were designed by Sherrie Wohlgemuth of QTMystery quilts.  We had a ton of hst presewing but it made for a nicely paced day of sewing and a completed quilt top!  This is our 7th annual New Year's Eve Day Mystery Quilt and is one of our favorite ways to end the year!

 This year we got on Skype with BJ who hadn't had a chance to do any presewing..BJ made really good progress once she got her hst's done!  I can't wait to see it when it is done!
Jacki made the larger size blocks so she could showcase the larger motorcycle print.  Hers is really colorful and I think it is going to be dynamite!
Ros had a fabulous rainbow like fabric for the center of her blocks that I really liked too.  This will be nice when all done too!  The gals had other evening plans and closed up shop around 5 pm, but Kathy and I sewed on til we were done!  
Ros and BJ are also working on Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street mystery which another clue came out today.  I snuck in a little sewing and am a little more than half way on it.  The final clue comes tomorrow!  I can't wait for the big reveal!  Barb also joined via Skype for a bit though she isn't doing the NYE, she is working on Bonnie's mystery.  So much fun to have so many mystery quilt lovers!
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.  May this year be easier on my heart than the last one was.  I am ready for a fabulous, less stressful year!  Bring it on!


Quilter Kathy said...

That looks like a FUN mystery! ANd a really great day!

Roslyn said...

Oh yeah it is our "traditional" end to the year so no matter how "crappy" the year was at least we can end on a happy note & pray for a better year ahead.
Love the twin's quilts what a great way to get those done in a hurry!