Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snippet of Sewing...

 After work tonight Kathy worked on her clues for both the mysteries we are working on and so I putted around, sewed a few more spools and decided I should see how many I have made and take a photo.  Lots of lime greens and purples because those colors are in Easy Street and I cut them from scraps!  Need more variety, but I have a whole wipes container full of cut pieces for more blocks so it will happen.
Read a blog the other day (I already forgot whose it was, darn it) and the gal had done clay yourself so I had to do one too.  Here I am, looking good--haha!  
Working tomorrow, but hope to get in some sewing this weekend!


Roslyn said...

I have one more set of HST's to complete in the NYE Mystery, still have to press them though! Kind of hard with a 3 yr. old under foot!

scraphappy said...

Great progress on the leaders and Enders. They will be a nice reflection of your ongoing projects.