Thursday, December 20, 2012

Picnic Comes Together!

 I spent several hours today getting the Picnic blocks sewn into a quilt top.  I did the first half by Eleanor Burns' method where you don't cut the threads and then they line up into nice little rows to sew, etc.  I thought this was going along famously on the left half of the quilt and then somehow my threads twisted and I had a mess!  I couldn't figure out how to untangle I snipped a few threads, laid them out and sewed it up.  One thing I forgot was to doublecheck they were still lined up with the right blocks (each block is turned opposite the one next to, above and below it).  I will spare you the picture but there was some serious unsewing and resewing happening after I took a second to sit back and "admire" my work.  I could have laughed...Eleanor has a great method and only I could figure out a way to mess that up!  Seriously I was thinking I should rename the blog "My Misadventures in Quilting!"  but the second half I did like I normally do and it went together just fine!

 Weather outside here in AZ is fabulous so I took it out for some pictures...still working on getting my camera to not overexpose, but it is better than before.
Here I am smiling with it and see the Packer flag in the background?  
I am tickled to death with how it came to decide what to put in the back!  
In other news we took a sewing break and went and saw The Hobbit (all four of us) and it was really good, but Coleman was ticked at the ending..he isn't too thrilled with be continued!  

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Teresa in Music City said...

Very happy and lively quilt! I love all the color and movement :*)