Friday, December 28, 2012

Skipping Down Easy Street!

 After work today Kathy and I holed up in the Quilting Studio and worked on Easy Street.  She finished up clue 5 and her clue six doesn't involve any sewing so she will be caught up in now time!
 Meanwhile, I skipped my way down the street to clue six.  I made too few to start with (11 strips not 11 sets, lol) then got carried away and made a few too many.  In any even they are done and I am glad I picked up a few small black and white pieces at SAS the other week so I have more variety.
 And here are all my parts ready for Bonnie's next clue on New Year's Eve day.  That is the same day as the NYE Mystery Kathy and I are doing, so we will be busy sewers that day!  Looks like burgundy beef will go in the crock pot and we can focus on sewing away.  We will be getting on Skype to check in on Jackie, Ros and BJ and the gang at Jackie's house an hour north.  We were invited, but we just love our annual mystery tradition and we always talk ourselves into staying home!
We both wound bobbins tonight and my NYE Mystery is all ready to go.  Kathy just finished cutting her last hst.  She has about 20 left to iron and she will be all set!  
I spent some time today and yesterday commenting on the clue 5 linky on Bonnie's blog.  I got about half way through so I need to keep adding them all to my blog reader too.  Good thing I read fast!  I am really enjoying seeing the various color schemes as well as others that look a lot like Bonnie's and mine!  


Kevin the Quilter said...

OMG! I love your blue/brown color combo of Easy Street! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

ratama said...

I love your colors! Great work