Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Want to Build a Log Cabin with Fons & Porter?

Fons & Porter contacted me to ask if I would do a book review for them on their "Build Your Best Log Cabin" book.  Ok, not really Fons, or Porter, but someone on staff there :) and since I am a fan of the two of them I jumped at the chance. 

They emailed me the book so I am telling you about it and if you want your very own copy, it is free!  You can go to and enter your email address to get it and become a member of the Fons & Porter family.

As the title may have you thinking it is about "building" a log cabin quilt.  You can "build" it traditionally, in the courthouse step fashion, or as a chevron   There is a section about how to construct each type of log cabin with a little history of the block.  If you prefer traditional log cabins you will like the "Bears in Bertie's Cabin" and if you prefer a more modern looking quilt check out the "Woven Log Cabin" free log cabin.  The "Linked Chevrons"  log cabin quilting pattern of course has you "building" your cabin chevron style.  I really like this pattern, it looks complicated but according to Marti Michell, the designer,  it isn't.  My kind of pattern!
There are full color pictures with lots of tips and tricks you can use to construct your log cabin.  Fons & Porter's instructions are clear with charts for making different sizes of many of the patterns.  This is a great little book for a beginning quilter with eye candy to get any quilter cutting into fabric.  If you are a more experienced quilter you will enjoy challenging yourself with one of these patterns--with an unusual setting or with fabric choices to get the effect you want. 

So if you want to build your own log cabin with Fons & Porter-- get your own FREE downloadable copy, click here and enjoy!

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