Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Three Awesome Stops!

Yesterday we took Monica to the Desert Botanical Gardens for Chilhuly in the Garden.  It was so beautiful and we got in tons of walking!
Kathy and I especially liked the sundial in the herb garden.  So cool!

Stop number two (after lunch at Subway for us and In and Out for Randy and Monica) was the Ostrich Farm.  This wasn't really Monica's style, but Kathy and Randy were over the moon.  I got a kick out of it though I am okay if I don't feed goats, ducks, and ostriches out of my hand again any time soon.

We also got nectar to feed to the birds.  I have never done something like this (and Monica opted not to) but figured I could try it once.  It was the best part of the whole day for me!  Seriously, these birds land on you and take the lid off the nectar, lick it clean then drop it and drink from the cup!
They are so beautiful!
Our last stop was to the Casa Grande Ruins.  We heard about an hour long talk on the history of the place and got to get up really close to see them.  Unreal to think this has been here for six or seven hundred years!

We had another great visit with Monica and she really enjoyed the sun (back to snow in Eau Claire) and we hope she comes again next year!

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Vireya said...

What a great day out!

Those parrots (rainbow lorikeets) are native to this part of the world. This morning a flock of them are eating figs off a tree across the road.