Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eight Ways a Mystery!

This is Brenna's completed top for her daughter Hannah.  Hannah's favorite color is lime green.  The lighting isn't so good here, but it looks fantastic!

This is as far as Sally made it on her quilt.  It will be a beauty!
This one is Nikki's. She works at one of the stores in town and I had met her before on shop hop, it was really nice to get to know her!  She was a fun lady!
This one is Tila's--and she is in front of it.  She got her parts all made, but didn't quite get them attached.
This quilt is  Mary Ellen's.  she had her borders on backwards in this picture (the flowers didn't go around the corners) so she ripped it out and reattached it.  She is hoping the quilting will help her lack of contrast too.

Here is Becky's completed top in Halloween fabrics!  Hers really was fun!  She decided to call hers "All Hallow's Eve" I think!
This one is the reveal of Marque's quilt.  All quilted of course!

And once again, here is my Fireworks!  So three of the seven of us finished and another gal was close, the rest have some work to do at home, but hopefully will be sharing pictures with us along the way!

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Kevin the Quilter said...

They are all so different and so beautiful! So cool!