Saturday, March 29, 2014

Catching Up!

 I had a great mail day on Thursday when this book came in the mail.  I am already almost half way through it and really enjoying it!
Found out about an estate sale that included every kind of crafty stuff you can imagine (times ten) where the prices were out of this world and went nuts on Friday after work.  Looks like a mess here...
 Lots of rulers to add to our collection.

 I decided to change the way I was folding the fabric on my shelves because much of the shelf was wasted with it folded into forths.  Now it is folded in half and in rainbow order!
 This is the pile of backings I have now amassed.  I was really down to nothing in that department and am so tired of spending so much cash for a backing when I need one.  If it was a big chunk and I liked it, it came home for a backing!
 This morning, Kathy and I met up with my friend and co-worker Christine and her daughter Samantha.  Christines' mom came too.  It was a Arizona Blankets for Kids sewing bee!  My friend Kelli from PHXMQG is on the board and had encouraged me to go and Samantha really wanted to do some charity sewing...she made her first quilt top!

 Here are Samantha and Christine just as she is getting started.

 Here I am with my quilt top.
 Christine and her mom also got into tying and trimming some fleece blankets while we sewed.

 She learned how to web her quilt and she didn't mess it up once!  (I messed mine up before I started webbing it, lol!)
 They had stacks and stacks of quilts..I think all told we made about 200 is what I heard.  There were 72 people there and everyone had some kind of job!

 It was a lot of fun and we all plan to go back!
 Kathy and I decided to go back to the estate sale so I could look for purples and novelty fabrics.  There was two whole rooms I really hadn't even been through yesterday!  Here is the stack of purples I found.  Lots of smaller pieces which is great for scrap quilting, so my purple is replenished!  I even found a purple chunk for a backing!

 Not the best picture, but this is the stack of novelty fabric I found--in a zillion different boxes and bags..quite an upper body workout and my hands are SO dry from touching so much fabric!
 Found this cute fabric and several pieces with words on them too!  I also found a bunch of white on whites so I am set on that for awhile!

 I am happy to say that both yesterday and today after getting home from the sale, I folded, organized, cut and reorganized everything so that almost ever piece of about seven garbage bags of fabric is put away!  The little chunks are under the ironing board by color and the bigger chunks are folded and put away here, with whites in a large tote and backings stacked up!
 The only actual sewing I did tonight was in finally quilting and binding this Maverick Stars baby quilt for Shiny's baby Jayden!  He is over a month old and I will be sending this home to Wisconsin for him on Monday!


Kevin the Quilter said... of 1!!!! What a HAUL you made at the estate sale! Why can't I ever find deals like that??? WOW! And I admire you for your work with Arizona Blankets for Kids......that looks like it was a lot of fun for both the kids and adults!

Cathy said...

I agree with Kevin! I have a thing for "word" print fabrics and you found some fantastic ones!! I have such a hard time finding them locally! Sounds like a wonderfully fun weekend.

Roslyn said...

I am so envious of your neatly folded fabric min needs refolding but I have a really hard time getting it all the same!
Maybe I need "remedial fabric folding" class!
I would like to check the yard sale for large neutral backings but I haven't been able to convince myself to drive to Tempe!