Friday, March 21, 2014

Quilting on the Rim Update!

Our instructor sent us some updated photos from Quilting on the Rim so I thought I would post them.  This one is Brenna--she made it this far before we left.

This one is Mary's--it turned out great too!
This one is Becky's which I showed off before too.  Love hers!  The blues are really more turquoise.

This one is Tilla's.  Love her southwestern colors!

I believe this one is our teacher's quilt--doesn't look as big as it did in class but that is hers.
And here is mine again.  I love how it came out!


scraphappy said...

So pretty. They all look so unique with the different fabrics.

Kevin the Quilter said...

What beautiful quilts have been made! WOW! They are all so beautiful yet different!

Cathy said...

Love yours! The colors are wonderful!