Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Win, Some Bindings and Scratch :)

Thanks to Messy Karen at messykaren.blogspot.com I won her wavy wiper scrappy bundle! They are so very cool and in lots of cool colors. I almost can't bear to wet one down and try it out, but I will. Thank you Karen--it is indeed a great day!
I had a thought that my towel rack (which has been unused for the past two years on the back of the bathroom toilet room door we never close) could be a great quilt rack. I hung it on the outside of the ac room door which is visible from my quilting studio and I hung a few Schnibbles on it!

Another blogger had a great idea to get her Schnibbles book spiral bound. She said it cost around 6 dollars at Staples. So today I brought my two FAVORITE quilt books in to Staples...their machine jammed so we had to come back to pick them up about forty minutes later--cost FREE! I am doubly thrilled with my spiral binding. :) Both these books are autographed by their authors too (that is partly why they are my favorite!).

Today is my sister Tina and my partner Kathy's birthdays! Kathy and I went out to lunch, stopped and had ice cream and then went to see a movie. We had planned to see "The Kids are Alright" but Kathy looked up the wrong theater (this has happened before, lol) and so we decided to see "Inception" which was really good and made us think a bit. When I got home I cut and put on the borders for Scratch (from Schnibbles Times Tow book above). I discovered I am a tad short on the red fabric for the last border (on the top) so I will order a titch more to finish it and some backing too, but I am happy with how it turned out and have no idea who will wind up with it yet!


Linda Lee said...

You have some great ideas here!!! I will check to see if Office Max will add the spiral binding! I like the colors in your newest schnibbles.

Wacky Woman said...

My daughter saw Inception and really liked it. Love, love your Schnibbles. I must look into that book sometime.

Jane said...

Great way to display your quilts

Toni said...

Congrats on winning! It's always cool when you win something! I love the quilt rack idea!! Now I need to look at thift stores for one of those! And I LOVE spiral binding my books! I have done 3 of my hand work books for easier tracing of applique designs - it was a lot cheaper for me to do a book through Staples though! I plan to do a few more as well!

Amy said...

Oh! Thanks for sharing the sprial-binding idea! I have my own binding-maker; I may been to try that out with some other things (like all the print-outs from Bonnie's site)

And YUP! LOVE the red!!!!!

Roslyn said...

This must be your lucky week Andee! Love the newest schnibbles & yes spiral binding is terrific for fave books.
Tell Kathy Happy B'day!
Do you want to sew tomorrow??

Messy Karen said...

enjoy the bundle! clever use for that towel rack.