Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Schnibble at Last and an Antique Hexagon Quilt

Schnibbles Short Story (the last of my A Year of Schnibbles Quilts) is a flimsy. I like it much better with the border...brighter...mine is larger than the pattern since I didn't trim, but it is all good. The fabric is fruitcake. The last parade will be September 1st. It has been a lot of fun!

And this little hexagon quilt is the second quilt I promised to tell you about that relates to Gma Nan. Some of you may remember the story when I helped her move into her apartment and she gave me the Broken Star quilt a few years ago...this was the other quilt she had which she wasn't ready to give up. My family decided that since I am the quilter I should have it....I am over the moon with this. I wish I knew who the maker was but all I know is my great grandma Annan had it handsewed and handquilted and my uncle Lewis used it as a baby..and most likely Jim and my dad Allen after. Then their mother died and Annan took it for safekeeping. After Grandma Nan married in and started raising the three boys she and Gpa Len had another son, Rick...Annan returned the quilt to Nan and Rick used it too. Many babies used the quilt (most likely me too) since it was a good size for babies but for the past 25 or so years it has mostly been in Gma Nan's dresser---waiting for me. I feel so tied to the people of the past and this quilt and the other one make me smile and tear up at the same time.
I haven't decided how to display it but I really want to preserve it and God help me if the house burns down I am collecting up AT LEAST these two quilts or I go down with the house. They mean almost as much to me as the kids!


Jane said...

The border on short story makes a big difference, it's wonderful.
Lovely to have all that history in the quilt too, no wonder it is precious

Nancy said...

I love the Hexagons! You could wrap it in acid free tissue paper and store it for now. Make sure it is in a pillow case, not in a plastic bag. And refold it from time to time so that the creases don't cause tears.

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