Friday, August 13, 2010

Short Story is a Longer Story than I Expected!

I am less than thrilled to realize that I need to trim up all of these Short Story blocks and I don't want to. As in like a two year old, planting my feet deep, I DON'T WANT TO! Seriously, the directions call for lining up the 45 degree line here and another line here and another line there and then trimming all four sides. I will not be making this pattern again. I am sorely tempted to just sew them together without trimming and hope for the best.I laid the blocks out and then rearranged a few to make it more pleasing to me. I am a row short of blocks, but I think this is plenty. Seriously don't. want. to. trim. UGH. So I just stare at it and wish I might have made Plan C which maybe involves less trimming.
Rant over.


Megan said...

it's so beautiful! I did a similar pattern earlier in the summer with a jelly roll. Confession: I did NOT square up any of my blocks. But I'm okay with that. I guess it just depends - are any mismatched seams/corners going to drive you bananas once it's all sewn together?

Linda Lee said...

I completely agree with Megan--If it is not going to bother you that the seams do not match then go ahead and sew it. If you will be frustrated each time you look at it- Maybe it would work to set it aside for now and go on to something you really want to work on. Then come back to it later. Remember that we are always the worst critic of our work.

Ruthie said...

OK, I'm on the other side of the fence here. I made that quilt earlier this year and squared up my blocks. They went together so very nice!