Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sewing Day at June's House

I started out the day picking up our Bountiful Basket bright and early and then by meeting Kelly (Kathy's sister) at Weight Watchers. I officially started today, but actually started following the plan last Sunday when Kathy joined. So I have lost a little more than six pounds so far. We are all taking turns cooking really healthy, digging into our healthy cookbooks and I am packing good snacks and lunch, etc for work. Also have been making friends with the recumbant bike again. Am back up to 30 minutes with resistance. I don't enjoy it yet (haha) but feel like I am accomplishing something...I gave up farming on farmville (dumb game) because I decided that I cannot say that I don't have time to exercise if I DO have time for a silly, annoying game! I will try to remember to write here how it is going...might keep me that much more motivated. Now on to the quilty news of the day!

I had another great sewing day at June's house! This first picture is Ros who is celebrating finishing the binding on this quilt she will donate to her church for an auction...I might just have to buy a few tickets! It looks great.
Here is June helping BJ hold up her quilt...below is BJ with an adorable expression on her face! This huge quilt has been all hand sewed and hand quilted and it really close to done. BJ said she has been working on it for more than a decade...maybe even more than two if I remember right. It looks amazing...she is inspiring me to do an all by hand quilt!
I happily sewed away on my Puddle Jumping Mystery...I sewed ALL I had pinnned, ironing and then pinned the next part but didn't get a picture of that yet. I also made this "Wreath Over the Door" for the Designer Mystery BOM designed by Sandy Gervais. This one went together easier than the other two and is really cute if you ask me!

I got back my Joy Luck Schnibbles from I need to make some binding and get it on it...although I still have a half bound baby quilt to work on! I also passed off five quilts to Ros for quilting! One is a QOV, and the others are likely to be Christmas or wedding gifts.


Suburban Stitcher said...

everything looks fantastic!

Roslyn said...

I can't believe you are turning out more things, Andee! You amaze me, girl. It was a fun day wasn't it & we all ate healthy.