Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday, Quilt of Valor and Amy's BOM Blocks

Today I finally got a chance to cut some sashing and such for a Quilt of Valor made out of twelve of Amy's Passions BOM blocks...I didn't have tons of the sashing fabric sooo..
this is how it wound up. I did put the teeny tiny little blocks in the corners just to use them up.
I plan to get a backing made up and send it off to Alycia Quilts for her donation at Colo Spgs again...she will get someone to quilt it up and send it on :)
CJ held the quilt up for me. I will try to take another picture outside because I wasn't tickled with any of them that I took! I do like how all these various blocks went together though.

Last night I got the next three Amy's Passions cut...Kathy helped on some.

Yesterday was my birthday so here is my very own completed Rainbow Goose Chase block for the backyard. Kathy really enjoyed making it for me, it is two feet by two feet and I love it!
I also got a suprise delivery of a dozen roses in different colors. They smell as good as they look.

I went to lunch with June and her friend Mindy and in addition to lunch and the singing people at the restaurant (I had never experienced before) she gave me these goodies! Oh and a balloon I forgot to put in the picture.
Last night I also got the next Schnibble cut and will bring it to Becky's sew in tonight to work on it. I really had a great birthday...from the omlet and coffee Randy made me to get my toes done with my Deaf friend Misty...a suprise second lunch (I didn't eat lunch again) with her and two other Deaf friends and a second suprise singing group at Applebees (I wound up interpreting it for my Deaf friends...beyond embarrassed twice in one day!) but all in all it was a really nice day with my loved ones calling me, texting me, facebooking me, etc. I really felt special. Thanks all! Well I better get ready for the sew in at Becky's. I am bringing my camera and hope to get some fun pictures!


Linda Lee said...

Beautiful Roses!!!!! Happy Birthday a day late. I am glad you had a wonderful day. Your BOM quilt looks good.

Wacky Woman said...

Firt, Happy belated birthday. Next, what a GREAT quilt for Quilts of Valor. Perfect.

scraphappy said...

Your quilt top looks great. What a perfect way to use your blocks of the month.