Friday, August 27, 2010

Go Pack Go!

Just had to show you the Packer tablecloth Grandma Nan must have been saving for a rainy day. It was brand new in the package. I decided that today is that rainy day and put it on my table, well yesterday. And the Packers won big time, so maybe it helped? Smile. And I couldn't resist putting up another photo of Short Story Schnibbles that I took outside today too.
I tried to make a photo collage of all twelve of my Schnibbles from this year to show you all, but can't recall how I did it I could do was a slideshow which I added to my blog. If you know a quick easy way to do a collage to post on a blog I would love to hear about it!
Tonight I got the backing all set for the above quilt and the backing for my Atkinson Designs quilt that has been done for awhile but I was undecided about getting more fabric for borders...decided done is better than sitting here so I pieced a back from leftovers and a black nightshade fabric I got a week or two ago. I now have four to bring to Ros (five if you count the Quilt of Valor she said she would do and send on to Alycia for us).
I then cut out clue four of the Puddle Jump Mystery and pinned, and pinned and pinned so that I can sew away without thinking too hard tomorrow at June's with BJ and Ros. I also still have one of Amy's Passions blocks to do and the Designer Mystery BOM too. Packed them up in case I run out of stuff to sew. Better to have too much at June's than not enough, right? Now I need to go figure out what food I am bringing. I will be picking up a Bountiful Basket and meeting Kathy's sister to hit a Weight Watcher's meeting before sewing. I had a great week and rode the bike about every other day so I am off to a good start!

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