Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sew-In at Becky's House

Here is my cute balloon from June. I brought it up to my quilting studio and it makes me smile everyday!

Last night we had a sew in at Becky's house. Becky and Nancy gave me a suprise present (or three). I am very excited for the sewline pencil as I have tried out Becky's and like it. I had a purple thang but I think the dog got it because it disappeared a month or so ago and I can't seem to find it anywhere (it may be in one of my machines come to think of it...but now I have another if I find it!) There were a half dozen of us and two little ones too. I didn't take too many pictures but these represent some of the fun!

This was Barb's quilt that she needs to applique (bless her heart). In the green shirt is Barb working on something else I think. You can see Kathy's (quilt guild president) PUP next to Barb but I didn't manage to get her in the picture. She is hand quilting that huge quilt with 3D stuff on it!

Below is Becky in the red and Suzy sewing. Suzy is visiting from New Mexico but used to be in our guild (before I moved here though) and the little ones were hers. She made a cool backpack kind of thing and taught Barb to make one too.

Below here is Nancy with one of her black and white blocks. She is making these for an exchange the guild is doing (I hope to get in on next time) and they all turned out really nice. She is the vice president of the guild and has lots of good ideas and energy too! (She was the fire behind the Chinese Auction I blogged about previously, I believe).

I worked on my Short Story Schnibble all night. I sewed almost all of the strips together and ironed them. I made one block just to make sure I had the right idea before I went nuts and sewed them up. I have a lot of trimming to do before they can go into blocks. I am using Fruitcake fabric which is fun.

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Amy said...

Oh goodness! Barb's quilt is ADORABLE!!!!! What humor!!!!

And yes....the Fruitcake fabric IS fun! Sewing strips and then trimming/cutting with a template? Yet another can't-wait-to-see project.