Thursday, June 26, 2008

Artisian Bread, House Pictures and Outside the Box Rows Together

I finally started putting the rows together for Rachel's "Outside the Box" Quilt. It is looking good and the colors are mixed up pretty well since Hannah helped arrange them on my new design wall before she flew back to Wisconsin last Saturday. Two more rows to go and then the large brown borders...I don't have enough of the brown I was using so I am going to have to find something that is close...tomorrow we will find a fabric store or two and see what we can do.

This is the new table and chairs we just is gently used but we like it. The metal in it matchs the railing which is close by so that works. Don't even ask why the mirror isn't hanging straight...after six trys we are taking a break before getting it right! The door you see is to the garage and the window/sliding doors on the other side of the table goes to the back yard.
Here is the living room which is where we watch TV and chill out on the computer.
Here is the kitchen...and I finally did some cooking and baking in it. I made boiled dinner (no picture yet) and my first loaf of Artisian bread! Two bloggers that I read (sorry I forget which two) have been talking about this book and showing yummy pictures so I had to get it and try it too!
Here is the dough rising and ready to be put in the fridge.
Here it is ready to go in the oven.

All done out of the oven and it tastes good! Kathy likes it too!

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Candace said...

Your home is very pretty, I like your new table, and the bread looks yummy. I haven't baked bread lately, and I am getting in the mood.