Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Productive Sewing Day!

I sewed most of the day today while listening to the TV and got Rachel's Outside the Box quilt (from "The Modern Quilt Workshop" book) done! I say most because I already packed up the extra fabric for these blocks and for some reason a few of the components came out a half an inch short. So I worked with what I have and I think I have 27 out of the 30 blocks done! This will go together pretty quickly after I get to AZ. I think I will wait til I have an actual design wall to play around with the colors on and get it just so but here is a picture of them all laid out on Randy's bed with the brown sashing fabric underneath part of least two of the blocks are upside down in the layout--I noticed as I was picking up but I just wanted to get the idea for how many I had of what color for later playing!

And of course my full time sewing helpers...Jade kitty and Rosey. They had to get in on the action and you can see the backing fabric (and inspiration for the colors in the top) under Jade too. I hope Rachel will like is going to be plenty big enough for a double bed too!

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Amanda said...

That's going to look so good once it's finished. I like the colours with the brown sashing. Your helpers seem to approve too.