Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Quilting Studio Pics and a Binding Done!

Here are the quilting studio pictures at long last! I have been working hard on this and have been getting in some sewing too! This first pic is as you face out of the room which is a loft. To the left is a small hall and a bathroom! Down the hallway you see the door to our bedroom and just past that the door to CJ's future bedroom.
Here is facing inward into the quilting studio. You can see Rachel's "Outside the Box Quilt" on the wall yet. I put up an inspiration buletin board with cool stuff on it including Bonnie's "Boxy Stars" quilt pattern that I am foolishly thinking about joining in for the Quiltville July sew in! The pic on the left is by an artist who lived in Chippewa Falls who I love! I need to get either a cushion for the chair or a new ergo friendly chair soon!
This is facing outward, over and below the railing is the living room so I can hear the TV from the loft if I am interested..can see it if I am just so too. Though the loft has a cable jack if I really want a TV in there I can add it later on. The drawers have my stash sorted by color and the large drawer (I bought today) has my strips Bonnie style sorted in them and the bottom drawer has orphan blocks I plan to do something with eventually. The old microwave cart has kits inside it and Katmandu fabric on the shelf since it is inspiring in itself!
Tonight we watched "Becoming Jane" which I enjoyed though Kathy lost interest within ten I finished up the binding on this NYE Mystery of hers and sewed her doggie label on it at the same time. This one is for her brother Rick in MA. She sewed the label on the one for her sister JoAnn in MA so we have two gifts to bring or send out there soon!


Candace said...

I love to see people's sewing spaces, and your studio is great. Also, I love your OC, am still working on mine, but am getting back in the mood.

Roslyn said...

Your OC looks great & I love the "Outside the Box" quilt, I want to try one, add that to the list!