Monday, June 16, 2008

Kathy's OC on the Design Wall!

I managed to hang a flannel tablecloth up on my new quilting studio wall and immediately got to play with it since my second ABC block exchange arrived! You may remember that I sent in the N is for nurses squares and I got back all of these very cool squares. I can't wait to mix and match with the other swap and make two quilts up!
We got wild and laid out Kathy's OC quilt on the design wall too. We discovered that somehow despite all our counting she is short two blocks! We have plenty of smaller units left over to whip them up later on and get this all sewn together. There is a great ceiling fan up there and many of the squares have fallen down as the day went on today. I either have to turn it off or devise some kind of thing I can pin on! I love it nice to play with the blocks in a place the animals can't immediately lay on!
This is all the broken glass that happened in the move when poor Buck fell off the truck carrying not one but two boxes of my most fragile items. I am most heartbroken to have lost the large blue glass bottle that had a flower on it that was my grandma Char's..the ball top survived and I do have pictures of it thankfully was a gorgesou piece. The other green glass is all replaceable though I am quite bummed about the Norway dishes that I splurged on when I visited Norway in 2004. I can get more though I really liked this design and it wasn't too expensive. Only one cup survived, I will try to glue some of the other cups, but one was in a zillion pieces. Sigh. I guess if that is all we lost we are luckier than many and I will be thankful for all the pieces that made it intact, and that Buck was not seriously hurt on his
Took a quick picture of my redwork progress. This is my first attempt at this and all done in the car so not the greatest, but I enjoy it and I will hang it in the quilting studio eventually. It will always remind me of this move to AZ! I worked on getting my yahoo groups moved over to my new email address....such a pain to get it all coordinated. Randy went home today and we will miss him terribly. My daughter and her bf are with us til Saturday and have been a big help with things...going to miss her away at college in Wisconsin while I am way out here in hot country!


Amy said...

So glad to see that the trip went well, and more importantly, you survived it WITH some projects completed along the way!

I know you said pics were coming of the studio--can't wait to see them and see how BIG (or heaven dread---small) your studio is :0)

Amy said...

Andee----SORRY about the "Andi" spelling last post! Believe it or not----on Friday when I was doing all my machine research, I got an emal from an "Andi" in northern Wisconsin. She thinks many individuals have confused her and you since you both are "Andee's/Andi's" in Wisconsin. Anyway---I just spaced on the correct spelling for you......SORRY!

Paula, the quilter said...

I just put a quilt (all blocks really) up on my design wall and found that I was short 14 3.5" squares. Now how did I miscalculate that??!!?? Thank goodness I had just enuff of the fabric leftover to make the 'cut' *s*. The top was also larger than the wall so it kind of flows across the floor a bit for about 2 feet.

Laura said...

I really like the colors of Kathy's OC. Too bad about your beautiful dishes. When we moved into our home 18 years ago I lost a lot of the dishes my Grandmother had given me. It still makes me sick to think about it.