Saturday, June 21, 2008

Orange Crush with Borders...this is HUGE

I added an orange border (2 inches) to my OC and then added the border Bonnie suggested which I think really adds to the quilt. I had to add an extra half a goose (instead of a full flying geese block) to each row to get them to come out to the right size and on the last row I had to widen out three seams to get them to fit right. By that time I wasn't so worried about perfection and just went with it. This quilt is so busy I doubt anyone will ever notice anyway. Next I added a 4 inch red border (not the red I used in the OC because it had black dots and was a busy fabric and I was going for calm) so I did do cornerstones of the red with black dots though hard to see in this picture. I hung this HUGE quilt from my loft and we took pictures. I would have used my black fabric for the outer border but I didn't have quite enough. I think I like it with the red anyway and I am so glad to have this one done! I need to find a new longarmer in the area and I hate to give her this one first lest she think all my quilts are this big and this bright! I really enjoyed this mystery...I am hoping next time Bonnie does one there is a smaller option and maybe I can do it as a Quilt of Valor quilt as I am feeling the need to make one of those and contribute to donations. This OC quilt is most likely going to be for Kathy's niece's wedding at the end of summer if we get it back in time.
This is Kathy's "Double Stack" quilt with the border I sewed down all attached. I think she did almost ALL of this quilt on her own with very little help from me other than the hand stitching she doesn't enjoy. This was her tenth quilt and she is getting good at this! This one is for her sister JoAnn back in MA.
Here is another sneak peak of Rachel's "Outside the Box" quilt now that all the blocks are done. I spread it on the design wall (this one is sideways I think) there will be strips of brown where you see the white showing through and a brown border, but I am loving how this looks! Hope Rachel does too.


Quilter Kathy said...

Great job on the OC quilt!

Sue said...

The OC looks fantastic...the border finishes it off really well. Kathy's looks gr8, too.

Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on getting your OC top finished. It looks wonderful - I would never have noticed the extras you added to the border to make it work if you hadn't mentioned it :)

Marion said...


your OC looks wonderful. I like the border. I haven't enough orange fabric, so I have made it a bit different.

Greetings from Germany