Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Sewing Bees this Weekend--WHOO HOO!

First here is a picture of dinner...the boiled dinner which my grandma Char used to make. It was good! You can see I had a piece of my homemade bread too! There is only two pieces left..Kathy really liked it and has requested another loaf for tomorrow!
I am finally caught up on my email and blog reading and have discovered that the NewQuiltingClub group is having an online sewing bee on Saturday to celebrate their three year anniversary! Happy Anniversary...lots of fun is planned incluing a chat room and bingo and many people are sewing a stack and whack table runner. I am hoping to sew the three stars that I need to do for the group and have not had a chance to do yet.
My Stashbuilders group is also having a sewing bee though theirs is Friday through Monday! We have to send in goals for the bee and so here are mine:
1) Rachel's "Outside the Box" Quilt--put the rest of the blocks together, the borders on, piece the backing and make the binding.
2) Strip Quilt--piece the backing and make the binding
3) Orange Crush Quilt--piece the backing and make the binding
4) Work on star blocks!
Very motivating for me to have a list like this...means things are more likely to get done! I like to tick things off the list.
I am also hoping to participate in Ann's Mystery Quilt which will happen on Aug. 9th but since school starts just before that I may be too swamped to get in on it!


Amanda said...

I do like the look of your Outside the Box quilt, so look forward to seeing the finished article. Lists are good aren't they - so focussing and as you say, it's great to tick things off once they're done. Have a good sew this weekend.

Sue said...

mmmmmmmmmmm homemade bread is great isn't it? The dinner looks scrumptious too!

Lists are gr8! I have a nasty habit tho of writing them and then forgetting to read them!

I'm looking forward to reading about your progress!