Friday, June 20, 2008

Sewing Bee Prize!

This is my prize from Sue of Stashbusters for the sewing bee a few weeks ago. I got five fat quarters..they all coordinate well (picture makes the one look too green) and are really pretty! Thanks Sue! You gotta love the post office for forwarding these treasures!
I actually did a little sewing last night after we got back from visiting my parents in Prescott. Kathy had a headache and mine had eased up so she went to bed and I finished up the blocks for Rachel's "Outside the Box" quilt I had worked on at Randy's. I needed to sew two blocks, find matching fabric to finish up a third and discovered one I had sewn the last piece to the wrong edge so I fixed that. If I can find my recharger for my batteries or my spare batteries I may lay it on the design wall to take a good picture later. My camera died while trying to take pictures of the quilting studio. It was tired from its trip to Sedona apparently!

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