Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Step 6 of the OC is Out!

I started working on Rachel's Outside the Box quilt this morning since the OC step 6 wasn't out....then I took a break to stretch and check my email and low and behold step 6 came out! WHOO HOO! I am really excited about that, but now I am midstream on Rachel's blocks so I think I will just keep on with that at least until the blocks are done. It really goes pretty quick when you chain piece them. Makes it easier to remember the right way and not need to stop and think like crazy, though I would rather be seeing an occasional finished block. Smile. The logos above are made by Phyllis who is one talented gal! She nicely posted a whole album of these blocks with everyone who wanted one's name on them! Very sweet, thanks Phyllis if you are reading my blog!
These pictures are of my loft quilting studio in AZ (that I have yet to see!) It is a disaster at this point with everyone just stacking stuff up in there and apparently throwing empty boxes there too but I can hardly stand the wait to getting there and getting it all set up! There is a built in double desk which will be great for sewing stations and I can see over the loft to the TV if there is something great on TV too. My sister (who is not a sewer or quilter but who loves my quilts) said I have WAY TOO MUCH fabric which made me laugh aloud since I really don't have much compared to most serious quilters. I tend to buy for a specific project and other than that most of the fabric I have was either given to me or is leftover from those projects. I do have quite a few projects on my WIP list now but I usually stock up before summer because I earn less money in the summer and I don't want to run out of quilts to sew!
Anyway after I get things organized I will be posting more pictures and you can decide for yourself if I have too much fabric--haha! I should be posting again later once I have more of Rachel's quilt blocks done. Don't think I can start on the OC today...I still need to finish Hannah's graduation scrapbook (party in four days) and Friday I need to pick up Kathy's quilt that has been at the longarmer and find myself an outfit for Hannah's graduation. If that goes incredibly fast I might have some sewing time but I think I will be grocery shopping and putting the food together..never enough time in the day! SMILE. Oh Kahty had a chance to check and both my favorite green depression glass pieces (that were my grandma Char's) did NOT break! YAY. She thinks it was some wine glasses, I can live with that....not sure all damage is accounted for, but life will go on.

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Amanda said...

I bet you're just itching to get there now, and start sorting things out. Your sewing room looks as if it's going to be great. Glad your favourite glass didn't break - removal men just don't seem to take the care they might though do they?