Thursday, December 26, 2013

35th Ave. BOM Parts Need to Make a Whole!

All year long Kathy and I have each been working on the Kaleidoscopke of Kolor BOM from 35th Ave.  We both managed to keep up each month and didn't miss even one pick up so for ten bucks (and black fabric and backing) we will have cool quilts!  We enjoyed it so much we are joining again this year.  Do you remember all of these parts?  I am hoping this month we will both get them into flimsies but if not, we will get them together soon!


This is what it is supposed to look like once it is done!


soscrappy said...

Wow! That is going to be a stunning quilt when you get it all together.

Sharon said...

That's really cool!

Kevin the Quilter said...

What a wonderful mystery quilt! Can't wait to see yours finished!

Annemieke Nierop said...

WOW! that looks great in al the rainbow colors! Beautiful!

Greetz from Holland,