Saturday, December 14, 2013

Packer (Celtic) Solstice Clue Three

 My Packer Solstice quilt will be going into the newly painted Packer Guest Room which I have been decorating with the help of anyone giving me a Packer Christmas item.  Coleman's girlfriend Lexi really spoiled us with this cool light switch, clock, and picture frame (in need of a picture).  That is where my color inspiration comes from and I can't wait to have a quilt for the room so I am trying to keep up with the clues.

 Clue three came out yesterday over at and since it involves making 100 hst's that finish at 1.5 inches I decided to make them using Triangulations.  I LOVE this method when I am using big enough pieces of fabric..if I already have strips I use Triangles on a roll but I find this method to go faster if I can use it.  Someone on the facebook group mentioned that I can print right on my fabric and do this without tearing paper.  That is brilliant, but I imagine I would have a zillion issues getting my printer to print on fabric so for now I use the paper!
 Here I am tearing away the papers.
 Now I have all the hst's I need---but need to make pinwheels.  I took a break and finished off the top of another Rock Candy.  This one is for my Dad's girlfriend (Dad has been gone too long already, but that is what I will forever call Margie) in Spooner.  Kathy took a break from her Celtic Solstice and cut me the pieces to finish another one too, Christmas will be here way before you know it!
 I also worked on my puzzle for about an hour--all this time Kathy was working away on clue two, she really put in some serious effort yesterday!  She also sewed a bit while I was at work this week trying to keep up, but she is doing the larger quilt and it is more than twice the work.  She is still on clue two, but getting there.  I have helped iron some and even offered to do some hst's for her but she hasn't taken me up on it yet.

 Here my clue three is DONE (about midnight last night) though I haven't ironed or spun the pinwheel seams yet.
 Above, all of my clues so far and below, all of Kathy's so far.

I will be linking up with Bonnie on Monday--her blog post today was about our Celtic Solstice Kickoff Party at In Stitches.  We hope to make it an annual event!  Today we are off to see my family and celebrate Christmas early because my brother and his wife and kids will be in Costa Rica on Christmas so we will be celebrating without them then.


Kevin the Quilter said...

You are so fast! I thought I was going to get done Friday, but, alas, it was not meant to be. I had a party to attend on Saturday, and had to get some food made for it.

Frances Meredith said...

Great that you have a special colour scheme.