Monday, December 9, 2013

Kathy's Celtic Solstice and Planning a Quilt Camp Mystery

Saturday Kathy, Randy, Becky and I went and saw Catching Fire and really enjoyed it.  Afterwards, Becky came over and we made chili and I sewed while she cut clue two.  
 I didn't get a current picture, but Kathy is done with Clue one of Celtic Solstice and has started on the sewing of clue two.  She is doing the HUGE one so it isn't going quite as fast for her.  She plans to sneak in some sewing while I am at work so she can be caught up by Friday for the next clue!
 I reorganized my civil war fabrics today.  Got them out the the drawers and folded the larger chunks so I can see what I have.  I also then had the brilliant idea to choose a scrappy selection for the mystery that Becky and I will be doing in February at Quilt Camp.  She is doing her Celtic Solstice in civil war fabrics and I think that is what inspired me!  So first I had the picture above and then the one below...
 Finally I decided to go with this one (red, white, and blue).  I am sure I will change it up some, but for now I have these all set aside.  There is LOTS of presewing of hst's between now and February, but I have several more Rock Candy Christmas gifts to sew now and this will wait.
I made several more tissue covers and did lots of wrapping of gifts to go out today too.  Coleman's 27th birthday is tomorrow so he insisted we celebrate today since I work tomorrow.  I made him beanie weanie (his bday dinner request) and we got him and ice cream cake.  He was happy with it all and he has leftovers for tomorrow.  I also managed to get the binding on Lazy Sunday!  I will get a picture in the sunshine tomorrow, but here is a peak at it.


Kate said...

Any one of your fabric sets would make a great quilt.

Roslyn said...

OMG forgot completely about clue two! I will get on it tomorrow,argh! Thx for reminding me,LOL.

Kevin the Quilter said...

I'm sorry! I am cracking up here! Beanie Weanie for a Bday dinner????? Totally hilarious! You KNOW I am loving your fabrics for your mystery quilt,.......and I am thinking I may need to get in on that from afar! LOL