Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Weekend :)

Yesterday was the PHXMQG Holiday party.  We had a good turn out and now I no longer the secretary.  The new board starts in January and I am looking forward to a year of enjoying things instead of stressing on things that are beyond my control.  
 Not a whole lot of sewing going on, I learned how to crochet with this cool yarn to make some Packer scarves.  I have two done and am hoping to teach my mom and sister on Christmas eve.  I got them each a skein and a hook.  Mom will have no problem since she does knit and crochet some, but I don't think my sister has every tried.  She needs a hobby so I am hoping she takes to it, lol.
I did finish getting the tops together for two more Christmas Rock Candys.  They need to be quilted and bound and are our last gifts to make this year.

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Sharon said...

Love the Rock Candy tops! So pretty.