Saturday, December 7, 2013

Green and Gold Anyone?

I found this cool pattern online for a  Lego Tray and Kathy made one for our nephew Ben for Christmas.  Of course it is Packer colored!  We are picking out Legos to give to him with it and I know it will be an easy way to keep the Legos away from Colton!
 I spent some time today trimming, unsewing and fixing clue one of Celtic Solstice.
 Also did a Wild and Goosey block.  And I put the binding on one side of Lazy Sunday.  I also went through the monstrous bag of scraps I have accumulated and set a bunch of scraps aside for BJ.  I still have plenty for paper piecing, it was just getting out of control!
 Kathy has been working on her clue one and is really doing a great job.  She is doing the bigger quilt and is about half done.  She also cut my clue two (but not hers yet) so tomorrow I can mark and sew those.  We are planning to finally go see Catching Fire with Becky and to get some sewing in too!

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soscrappy said...

What a cute Lego tray. Great progress on the mystery.