Monday, December 23, 2013

Freebie Makes Monday Better!

I love freebies.  I got an email from Cutting Edge Quilts telling us to come in for a freebie so while I was at work today Kathy stopped in and picked up these goodies.  Thanks honey! 
In sewing news, last night we cut out my NYE Mystery quilt (with the Mickey Mouse fabric) and decided on Kathy's fabrics.  We had to order her more fabric --she wants to do a Patriots colored quilt for her brother in law who is going through chemo right now and is not doing so well. 
I also worked on the hst's for the Quilt Camp Mystery...have lots more to do on that.  Kathy is still working on the Celtic Solstice mystery...she is on her hst's for that and when done can move on to the four patches.  So much to sew, and so little time!

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