Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Trip to Mill's End!

DJ and I went fabric shopping in Wisconsin today! I found myself at my favorite discount place, Mill's End...and I went a little crazy buying close to twenty yards of fabric, but much of it is for gifts so that is my story and I am sticking to it! This fabric is corderoy to back some more baby quilts/blankets in. It was too cute to pass up. And I think the ladybugs appealed to me because I just finished reading the book "Choosing to SEE, a Journey of Struggle and Hope" by Beth Champan. It was about losing their little adopted Chinese daughter and she loved ladybugs. So I suspect this is how this fabric found its way into my cart. I didn't even know Maria but she touched my life!

DJ fell in love with this fabric. It is real similar to one I have at home..may be from the same line. We couldn't resist it.

The ball fabric will either be a quilt backing, pillowcases or find itself in a quilt top!

This picture is way too blurry...sorry about that. It is 1940 ish looking so I am hoping it works for backing my quilt history quilt, if not it will wind up in patriotic quilts for Quilts of Valor.

Again another blurry one, this one just spoke to me. Tiny little idea where or why, but for $3.99 a yard it was mine!

Here you can see the entire splurge all spread out.....and my new purse too. That was yesterday's purchase. I need to stop shopping!

I met up with my good friend Jill yesterday and she cut, lightened and permed my hair. I am really happy with it!

My cousin Tara's husband does tattoos, so DJ had to have one. This was her splurge!

It is a purple rose...will get a better pic posted soon.
There are a few more pictures which I can't upload right now because my grandfather has a funny pop up blocker and I think I just told it to block. HAHA. So later on I will try again so you can see the rest of the fabric!

Now off to Mac's graduation! WHOOT WHOOT!

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Anonymous said...

Love your new hairdo - easy to see why you like it!