Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coming up Next...

Earlier today I decided to give machine binding a go (again) after reading Ros' tutorial. I am just not great at machine binding! I picked out several tries before finally be mostly satisfied. I am sure I am not doing it right...I have been having problems with my right thumb giving me pain when I hand bind and sometimes when I hand sew, use my old blackberry and even now when I sign. The pain seems to be getting worse and goes up into my wrist. So I needed another binding plan. DJ is binding her niece's quilt and I have two more here to do. I started out with my patriotic tablerunner (that has been waiting forever for me to quilt...finally got that done) and as I saidI am mostly satisfied with it. I will be looking for more tutorials to improve my method!

After work tonight DJ and I spray basted and pinned one of the Downy Quiltz for Kids quilts (I need to buy more batting to do the other one). I plan to quilt it tomorrow! I also dug out the other Amy's Passions BOM from 2010 and played with them on my design wall. I will make these into a quilt for my nephew Christopher who is currently serving in the Navy. I need to make one more block for it and I did a quick search online and discovered a free pattern for a Navy block at so I think I will make that one (it isn't the easiest block I have seen though!) and get this sashed.

Sorry the picture isn't great...I need to buy some sashing fabric since I don't have any cream or tan with red and blue in it that works. I have the background cream but it just looks too boring for me. I also found some cool Navy fabric for the backing so I may just be ordering that. The plan is to get this done and off to Ros with my mom and dad's Designer Mystery BOM so that both will be done in time for Christmas this year.

I measured the backing for that quilt and just need to sew one LOOOONG seam and it will be set to go.


Amy said...

Excellent list of projects being planned. And, get on that phone and set up an appointment to have your thumb checked out, girl.

Bj said...

The thumb is probably carpel tunnel, start thinking about surgery, they've come a long way with it and you'll be glad you did, that or take some time off from all thumb activities, I'm having the same kind of problems with my pinkie on my left hand, from all the typing I do. Next for the binding, please look at the Sharon Schambrei? method where you glue the binding down, I've been using it for quite some time and swear by it, she tells you too use Elmer's glue, I never bought the tips, I just use the bottle and it comes out fine, I glue up close the the edge and then sew at a 1/4" and I've never gummed up my machine, she has tutorials on YouTube and she's up in Payson and you don't have too pin, I think you'll be impressed, I am, Good Luck!