Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mac's Graduation and Lily's Super Simple Quilt

Finally uploaded the pictures from vacation tonight! Here is my youngest, Mackenzie, with his father and I. Got my fill of hanging with the ex in laws...seriously eleven years later and nothing has changed there! Mac is wearing an old T-shirt from his previous school since three years at MHS didn't change his opinion about which school he wanted to be at.

Snuck in some quilting today! I had three jobs but had a few hours off in the middle of the day so DJ cut me some strips (loosely following the "super simple squares" pattern in this magazine). They did not include strip piecing in their directions, but I did it anyway. I made it one square longer and a few squares narrower. DJ is happy with the size of it-twin size she deemed it and we will get it basted together for her niece Lily.

Not the best picture but we took in the bedroom!

And here is DJ and I and Mac...ah how the family has changed!

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Anonymous said...

After my sons' dad left, a really great relationship with his family took a turn for the bad - which resulted in my referring to them as my "out-laws". Since the in-law connection was severed, it seems appropriate don't you think?! :-)