Monday, June 20, 2011

Designer Mystery BOM Borders/Top is Done!

First here is a picture of my youngest, Mackenzie or Ethan as he prefers to be called (at graduation he had them announce his middle name as Ethan, though it is actually Alan) with his friend Angel heading to prom a month or so ago. Sorry for the delay, I don't always get the pictures in a timely manner. Not sure this pair is a matched set but they had fun so it is all good.

Today both my morning class and my evening class (interpreting job) got cancelled just after I arrived at in between and all around I sewed stars. Eight of them to be exact. The border was as much work as making another quilt top. This quilt is HUGE too. I have a hard time conceptualizing size sometimes. This is a giant.

I am not nuts to make pieced borders like this but I will say with all the measuring and planning they come out perfectly. I hope Ros has a month in which to quilt it, haha.

It was too big to get a good photo of in the house....the binding is made but I need to piece the backing and send it for quilting! Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!

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Amy said...

The border finishes the quilt so nicely! Wonderful Christmas quilt.