Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Skydiving and Mac's Grad Party

This is my new and improved hairdo. Thanks Jill. DJ loved it, that is good enough for me. You can see DJ's new tattoo in this picture too. She let me pick the purple color for the rose, it represents me!

Mac liked his Graduation Quilt "Slide Show"

I think he liked the back too.

Had my daughter take a photo of Mac with his cake..this is what I got. Just noticed that now. Oh to be 18. You can see DJ in the backround wearing her first Packer item! We had Mac's grad party on the skydiving grounds...the weather did not cooperate--we were scheduled to be there at ten and Mac didn't jump til 6, Hannah and her Dad and a family friend after that!

Hannah bought her brother the jump for his graduation. Quite the bonding experience. Doug threw up on the way down...not sure he would do it again, but the kids loved it!

I spent the better part of the day hand sewing hexies while waiting for the clouds to clear. It was pretty cool out so I had to borrow a jacket from my grandfather!


Amy said...

First and foremost...."Slide Show" is amazingly and simply stunning!

Skydiving....always thought of it, but have never gone through. However, after hearing about Mac's experience, ;0)....maybe it's a good thing.

You and DJ look so happy! That's a great picture Andee.

Roslyn said...

Oh what fun to see the quilt recipient receive their gift, thx Andee for posting these.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the quilt!!

I think the skydiving gift is an exceptional idea! There was a time I would have gone, but I'm pretty sure I'm past that now. Looks like they had a ball!