Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Odds and Ends...

We leave for Wisconsin and my youngest son's graduation from high school on Friday morning...I have a crazy busy work week and more than I need on my plate this week! We did double time tonight trying to get our ducks in a row. DJ helped me pin Koi's quilt and I will be stitching in the ditch on it tomorrow afternoon between my morning job and evening job. (I got two classes at MCC so I am back to working both of my jobs for June!) DJ cleaned our female Beta's bowl. We bought her to go with our male, but they hate each other. Turns out they have to be the same kind of Beta to even have a shot at getting along. So she has her own bowl!

These goodies were a little suprise for me in the mail over the weekend. I love the middle one and like the one on the right but am not sold on the one on the left. I may have to gift it. June if you are reading this do you like any of them?

We spent the weekend helping my sister and parents was a nightmare, but we made a good time of it and I rewarded myself with three yards of this fabric at the quilt shoppe near my sister's house. It was all on the clearance wall anyway!

DJ and I finished tying this little Eye Spy quilt which I think my cousin Crystal will get for her new second son. I think his name is Finn.

I finally broke down and bought myself a scissor fob! I have been eyeing these on Etsy for quite awhile. I bought one for me and one for a certain good sewing friend whose birthday is coming up. She may be reading this, so if she is I will say that the colors are different!

Hopefully you will be seeing Koi's quilt all quilted before Friday!

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